Referred to as ‘the rose of the north’ of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a destination for tourists of all kinds. Especially for families that enjoy great outdoors, natural beauty and cultural values. If you are considering about a right place to have a dream holiday


Here are some well-known Vietnames dishes that have made Vietnam an attractive spot on the culinary world.

Xoi xeo is a special food in Hanoi, especially in the morning. It is also a street food with full of unique and delicious foods. “ Xoi xeo in lotus leaf” is one of the traditional foods for breakfast, which is loved by many people.

Chung cake is a traditional food in Vietnam which is indispensable in the relics to offering Vietnam’s ancestor in the Lunar New Year Festival (Tet). Therefore, you could find a couple of Banh Chung in every family in Vietnam in the Tet.

Visiting Vietnam, tourists should try eating delicious dishes about fish. Surely visitors never forget its taste appeal and can only be found them in Vietnam. Some famous dishes from fish such as fish noodles, fish soup, fish congee and more, which come from other provinces in the country.

For the most part, Vietnam is a hot, humid and very tropical country. Tourists can try Saigon’s special drinks when coming to Vietnam.

Chao Canh is one of the special food in Quang Binh. This dish is the most favourite breakfast for the local people. The ingredients are quite familiar included: Snakehead fish, shrimps, pork.


Located at 04 Nguyen Minh Khai, Ward 1, Da lat, Lam Dong, with one side being Xuan Huong Lake, and the other side, the busy trade center of Dalat, Golf 3-Da lat Hotel with elegant rooms, full of equipment

Sapa Panorama Hotel is a well-known hotel in Sapa because of peaceful space and beautiful view. It is quite near famous Victoria Sapa Hotel, 100 meters from Sapa Church. It offers fabulous views of both Sapa town and the spectacular nearby Fansipan mountain range.


Moc Chau plateau is located Hanoi about 180 km Northwest of Hanoi. Moc Chau is all about its surroundings – a mountainous area, famous for a large herd of milk cow, its tea hills, limestone karsts, endless plum and apricot orchards

A few days on Bamboo Island, off Sihanoukville’s coast, comes highly recommended. The boat ride takes about half an hour and once there you will find that only about 30 people live on the island.