Although many people will tell you not to visit Phnom Penh during the rainy season, it’s actually not as bad you might think. Here’s some tips for travelling Phnom Penh in wet season.
Tuk-tuk Tips in Thailand

Recently, Thailand is becoming the most attractive destination in Southeast Asia. To get around over short distances or travel within towns, maybe no means of transportation are better than tuk tuk. In this article, we will give you some tips when travelling by tuk-tuks in Thailand.

A trip to Vietnam is an adventure! It will open a new window for you to see lives in the world. Whether you come for a week or a month, you will be welcomed, celebrated, and made to feel like home.

Thailand is becoming a favorite destination of many tourists around the world. It’s renowned for its beaches, shopping and its sizzly, spicy food. The following is some tips for visitors travelling Thailand for the first time.

Nam Du island is known as the destination suitable for all trips. However, not always a favourable time for you to travel, explore the Nam Du Island, Kien Giang. The rainy season begins in South du April to November 11.
Best Time to Visit Cambodia

The country is warm all year round, though there are several distinct seasons affecting the best time to visit Cambodia. There is little rain...
Bargaining Tips in Vietnam

Bargain is not common in some countries, but in Vietnam it really is. In Vietnam, bargaining is always worthwhile. Yet, it is not always...
Dos and Don’ts in Laos

If you are travelling to Laos, either for a short visit or for a longer stay, it is important to know what you should...
Saigon Motorbike Taxi Tips

When I am in need of a ride, the quickest, and my favourite, way to get around Saigon is by using one of the...
Tips for Safe Taxi Rides in Vietnam

Here are our tips from our recent experience with the taxi’s in Vietnam. 1. Vinasun was okay. Mai Linh was dishonest to us in Danang...
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