Tasty Vietnamese desserts that worth a try (Part 1)


There are many Vietnamese desserts in Vietnam which are very nutritious and delicious, making Vietnamese daily meals really special and worth trying.

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Vietnamese Fried Cake

Vietnamese fried cake is a little bit similar to “donut” in Western countries. However, this Vietnamese dish – one of the most common easy cooking desserts – is processed much more simply. Vietnamese fried cake is the glutinous rice balls which are deep-fried, popular in the Southern Vietnamese cuisine.

Its outer shell is made from glutinous rice flour, and covered with roasted white sesame seeds. The stuffing of this Vietnamese dessert is made from sweetened milled green bean, and scented with jasmine flower essential oil. Traditionally, the stuffing of this cake should be separated from the shell so that it is also called “banh ran luc lac” in Vietnamese.

Vietnam Fried Cake (via BepGiaDinh.com)

Chinese Stuffed Sticky Eice Balls

The first one on the list of easy cooking desserts in Vietnam I would like to introduce is a simple yet very tasty and enjoyable dish – Chinese stuffed sticky rice balls (or “banh troi tau” in Vietnamese). On the cold winter days, eating a bowl of hot Chinese stuffed sticky rice balls and enjoying its sweetness and fragrance, people will be able to blow the coldness of the winter away.

Green Rice Cake

Green rice cake is a common Vietnamese dessert made from green rice and milled green bean. To make this kind of Vietnamese desserts, people will wrap pounded and then green-coloured the green glutinous rice around sweetened milled green bean. This is actually one of the best easy cooking desserts people should try once!

Pig Skin Cake

Pig Skin Cake (via WordPress.com)

Pig skin cake is a Vietnamese steamed layer cake made from taro mashed mung beans, rice flour, tapioca starch, mashed green beans or coconut milk and/or water, durian and sugar. It is gelatinously soft in texture and tastes sweet, with thin (nearly 1cm) colored layers alternating with layers of durian, green bean, or taro filling.

Steamed Cassave Cake

Steamed cassava cake served alone or with coconut milk are both very tasty. This is one of rustic Vietnamese desserts – a folk cake which is very popular in Southern Vietnam. Try making this delicious and easy to make steamed cassava cake to give your family after a meal!

Peanut Candy

Peanut Candy (via Đặc sản Thành Nam)

The market today is chockfull with many types of candy – one of the most popular desserts in Vietnam. They have very eye-catching colors, but still can not blur the image of the brittle peanut candy. The characteristic aroma of peanut and sesame is blended wih the slight sweetness of the sugar. In fact, peanut candy is still a rustic traditional snack and dessert. And even more interesting if you make it at home with very simple ingredients and recipe.

When it comes to making brittle peanut candy at home, perhaps not many people are ready to go to the kitchen. However, in fact, making peanut candy is very simple, not time-consuming, and especially, you can absolutely ensure the food safety without using preservatives. Meanwhile, the peanut candy bars are still crispy and delicious as the ones you buy in the supermarkets.

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