Tasty Vietnamese desserts that worth a try (Part 2)


Vietnamese desserts vary extensively in flavors and origins but they all taste divine. Here are some delicious desserts you can try while traveling in Vietnam.

>>Tasty Vietnamese desserts that worth a try (Part 1)

Limber Mango Jam

Make this delicious and attractive mango jam for this coming New Year, and your family will feel really great about the taste of this dessert after greasy meals on Tet! The fragrant, sweet, tasty, chewy, and limber mango jam is worth for you to try out during the upcoming New Year.

Corn Sweet Porridge

Corn Sweet Porridge (via Top10meohay.com)

With a simple cooking method and just a few small steps, you can make this sweet and cool sugary porridge to welcome the very first days of summer and to relax your taste after a heavy and greasy meal. This dish is really among the best quick and easy dessert ideas in Vietnam.

Green Bean Lotus Root Sweet Porridge

Green bean combined with lotus roots making this sweet a cool and crunchy sweet porridge which can reduce your body’s heat. The ingredients contained in this sweet porridge are also very easy to find that they are available in any food store or supermarket. This is actually one of the best easy cooking desserts which are very popular in Southern Vietnam. Try it once!

Lotus Seed Black Bean Sweet Porridge

Enjoying a bowl of hot sweet porridge with soft black bean particles, adhered to the chewy chestnut starch balls (“tran trau” in Vietnamese) and the slight aroma of ginger, you will feel really warm even in the winter. This is also one of the quick and easy dessert ideas you can try when coming to Vietnam.

Lotus Seed Black Bean Sweet Porridge (via Tối nay ăn gì)

Cassava Sweet Porridge

Having one bowl of hot cassava sweet porridge from the steaming pot, sprinkle with julienned coconut, salt, and white soft cassava, you will feel really great and do not stop eating it. Coconut is brittle, coming with the smell of ginger, giving you a warmer winter for a while.

Banana Coconut Milk Sweet Porridge

This dish should be served when it is still hot. Banana coconut milk sweet porridge comes with the natural sweetness of bananas, the succulence of coconut, and the aroma of peanut, make this the favorite dessert of many Vietnamese people.

Orange Ginger Tea

This is also a wonderful dessert made from available ingredients which can be found easily in your own kitchen, including tea, fresh ginger, orange, and lemon. This drink is slight fragrant and good for your health in general, and for your digestion in particular.

Orange Ginger Tea (via Ngon Online)

Grapefruit Sweet Porridge

The cool grapefruit sweet porridge, with the crispy grapefruit pulp, fresh green beans, and succulent coconut milk will be a great treat for your family members in hot summer days. This sweet porridge is actually one of the most enjoyable, easy cooking desserts in Vietnam.

Taro Green Bean Sweet Porridge

This dish is primarily made from taro and green bean – the 2 ingredients which are very good for health and body’s temperature. In addition, you will love the chewy chestnut starch balls.

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