Top 5 paradise islands in Vietnam should be on your bucket list


The following are the top paradise islands for both domestic and international tourists to enjoy the tranquil escape and stay close to nature at best in Vietnam. Let’s check!

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Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island draws much attention from visitors, thanks to its poetic beauty. Its outstanding highlights are the soothing waves, white-sand beaches, shining sun, transparent water, and biological diversity of the tropical forests. Interestingly, it is a paradise not only for beach lovers, but also for seafood fans. Of course, seafood here is fresh, succulent and even cheap. It is hard to leave if you don’t have a chance to eat tuna soup cake, raw herring salad, grilled Bien Mai scallop sinew, Ham Ninh flower crab, grilled sea urchin, fresh crab blood, and so on!

Phu Quoc Island (via đất nền phú quốc)

Nam Du Island

Another stunning destination in Kien Giang province you should not skip is Nam Du Island, which stretches over 2 communes of An Son and Nam Du. Just like Phu Quoc, the archipelago gets its name famous for its natural beauty. Moreover, the local products are totally rich. Fish caught in the morning can be cooked and eaten all day. Seafood is also a big magnet here since it is inexpensive and tourists can easily buy at fishermen’s nets. A Nam Du journey is incomplete without arriving in the Nam Du lighthouse – the tallest point of the island. From this highest position, you can spread your eyes over the panoramic scene of Nam Du with ease. Do not miss an opportunity to see sunrise and sunset on the sea.

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island (via Vietmytravel)

Approximately 60 kilometers from Nha Trang, Binh Ba Island is just considered a new tourist destination on the map. What makes travelers fall in love with the island at the first sight is that they can watch a diversified system of breathtaking coral reefs and participate in sea diving. Besides, the low sea level, crystal water, and soft sand help Nha Cu Beach here to become a flawless spot to go swimming and scuba-diving with colorful fish. Those who simply wish to immerse in the natural beauty may go for a stroll along the seashore to watch the grandeur range of stone, pick up the colorful snail shells, or explore other exotic caves.

Ly Son Island

Located in Quang Ngai, Ly Son Island is known as the Jeju island of Vietnam, thanks to its perfect geography, landscape and weather condition. Checking in the island, a vision of a graceful land is close in front of your eyes where the sky, sea and mountain become a harmonious blend. Of course, Ly Son has more to see. It seems a big regret not to conquer the highest mountains here and then get the wholesome view of the island. Here in the gorgeous island, you may also be welcomed to discover its delicious cuisines, the reputable wind graves, the holiness and charm and of temples hidden in the mountains, as well as the warm and friendliness of the residents.

Ly Son Island (via Vietravel)

Cu Lao Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham Island in Hoi An is likely one of the most striking tourist destinations. Endowed with the fabulous topography of biological diversity and mountain slopes, this island has been listed as the World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. After saying Hello to Hoi An Old Town, visitors should not miss an opportunity to check in the Cham Island to adore its serene and pristine setting and wallow in a wide variety of leisure activities here. Traditional forms of recreation include sunbathing on long-stretching coast, going swimming on crystal-clear beaches, going trekking through the forest. Marine life exploration can be found by some water sports activities, like paragliding, water skiing, boat racing kite flying, kayaking, and scuba diving. Relishing seafood is also an integral part of your journey.

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