Safe Sex in Thailand

Safe Sex in Thailand
World Aids Day was celebrated by the gay community in Patong Beach, Phuket with a parade of giant red ribbons, a candlelight vigil and balloon release. Organised by the PLU, the organisation behind Phuket Pride, the event was designed to raise awareness of HIV, encourage testing and to remember those who have suffered or are suffering.

Is it really possible to have legal and safe sex in Thailand?  Absolutely!  There is something magical about this country, aside from its pristine beaches of white sand and water in shades of emerald, jade and amethyst.  There is more mystery even beyond the rainforest canopy and the unique assortment of fauna and flora that is far from exhausting.  There is sex!  Literally, there is all the sex you want and a full menu of girls to choose from.  In fact, it is estimated that there are at least 20,000 beauties in Pattaya alone, all waiting to show you a good time.

Safe Sex in Thailand
Safe Sex in Thailand

How is This Possible?

There are certain areas of Thailand that are very conservative and traditional and then there are other places that are like walking into another world.  Anywhere else you may go, hiring a prostitute is challenging and risky but here it is very well organized which makes safe sex in Thailand a reality.  It may be hard to believe and even a bit overwhelming on your first visit but there are endless beer bars, Go Go bars and massage parlors that are developed strictly for sex so you don’t even have to walk the streets and attempt to pick up a prostitute.

About the Girls

The slim-bodied, stunning girls are what makes safe sex in Thailand so intriguing.  These girls are employed by whatever establishment that you hire them from so there is an elevated level of safety there.  You don’t have to worry about getting drugged or robbed from the bar girls because  they know you can easily find them again.  Not to mention, its just not in their nature and most are quite professional.

Contrary to any rumors you may have been told, safe sex in Thailand is not part of some under-age scandal where young girls are being forced to work against their will.  Thai bar girls are of legal age and most have at least one child back home and an ex-husband.  They may look young but apparently the warm lagoons in Thailand offer a fountain of youth because they’re really not.

Safe Sex in Thailand
Safe Sex in Thailand

The majority of the girls come from poor areas so it is their custom to help support their family throughout their life.  The girls find work in these bars because they have fun, hang out with family and friends, perform minimal work and make a lot more money to support themselves and their families than what they would make in a factory or a market job.

How it Works

Safe sex in Thailand is possible because of how brilliantly organized it is.  There really is no guess work involved as every bar will have their set prices for the girl and the girls have their own prices for their services.  You will find that beer bar girls will be a lot less expensive than Go Go bar girls and drink prices are substantially different as well.

There are rarely any cover charges to get into any establishments and you are never obligated to take a girl with you.  The beauty about Thailand is that although sex is available all around you, you are never made to feel like you have to partake.  If you would just like to go to the bar, enjoy a few beers, take in the scenery and buy a couple of drinks for the girls, that is perfectly fine.

When you do want to take a girl with you, a bar fine needs to be paid to remove her from the premises and then you will pay her directly for her services.  Fees will vary from girl to girl and they are very honest telling you their fees up front.  It is literally as easy as that!

Thailand is a place unlike anywhere else in the world.  It is understandable why so many men retire here.  If you haven’t experienced safe sex in Thailand, you are certainly missing out.  Be warned though, the air is hypnotic and sort of casts a spell over you so there is always a chance that you won’t want to go back home!